What To Put Under The Puppy Pad Holder – 6 Placement Tips

Dogs are an incredible gift to any home and can easily brighten any room with their excitable personalities and adorable faces. Unfortunately, they can also have lots of issues around the home — one of the worst is peeing inside the house. When the habit goes unaddressed, it can quickly cause terrible odors to build up. Luckily, with solutions like puppy pee pads, it’s entirely manageable to stop this bad habit.

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Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to puppy pee pads. They can quickly shift out of place as your puppy uses them, and urine can sometimes soak through them onto the floor below. But with the right type of pee pad holder, you can address these drawbacks and make pee pads a completely effective solution. With the proper placement, puppy pee pad holders are a perfect fit for puppy training.

What Are The Best Puppy Pad Holders?

puppy pad holder

PuppyGoHere Litter Pan

If you’re looking for a pan that will hold your puppy’s pee without any chance of spills, you’ll love the design of the PuppyGoHere litter pan. This pee pad holder is designed with a high pad edge and thick plastic, ensuring there’s zero chance of spills or mess. However, this puppy pad holder doesn’t have any clips or fixtures for your puppy pads, so you’ll need to lay them directly onto the tray. It’s important to note that this product is only suitable for small dogs and tiny puppies. 

IRIS Pet Training Pad Holder

While raised-edge pans offer some compelling benefits, one unfortunate drawback is that they can only fit certain dogs. This isn’t an issue with a flat puppy pad holder like the IRIS Pet Training Pad Holder, which uses smartly-placed locking latches with a flat design to create one of the most versatile puppy pad holders you can find. This puppy pad holder is straightforward to set up, use, and clean — making it a worthwhile investment for puppy training. 

The 6 Best Placement Tips for Puppy Pad Holders

placement tips for pee pad holders

1. Place Your Puppy Pad Holder On A High-Traction Surface

If you’re trying to train your dog to use puppy pad holders, it’s safe to say that you don’t want the holder slipping and sliding around. While many puppy pad holders are designed with rubber or silicone bottoms that reduce their ability to slide, you might still encounter issues if you place the holder on a slippery surface. For this reason, you should look to place the puppy training pad holder on a surface with high traction — and you can even use a rubber mat to help if you intend to place it somewhere with tile, such as in the kitchen. 

2. Place The Puppy Pad Holder Far Away From Distractions

When it comes to an excitable species like dogs, it’s safe to say that they don’t have the best impulse control — and this is especially true for puppies still in potty training. Unfortunately, if the puppy pad holder is placed near distractions, your puppy might not be able to focus on going potty long enough to successfully do so — eventually resulting in accidents and big messes. An ideal place to put your pee pad holder is just outside high-traffic areas of the house, where your puppy can easily access the holder without being directly exposed to distractions.

3. Consider Putting The Puppy Pad Holder In The Bathroom

If you’re trying to decide on the ideal place to put your puppy pad holder, there’s arguably no better place to consider than the bathroom. There are several reasons why the bathroom is perfect for puppy training. Firstly, the bathroom doesn’t have significant foot traffic, so your puppy is unlikely to have any issues with distractions. Secondly, since the bathroom is already used for relief, you won’t have to deal with new germs or odors in new areas of the house. While training your puppy to go potty in the bathroom might be a challenge, it doesn’t take long to see why the bathroom is ideal for a puppy pad holder. 

4. Ensure The Surface Is Flat

When installing a puppy pad holder in your home, you should ensure that the surface it’s placed on is flat. While this isn’t an issue to worry about when the puppy pad holder is placed directly on the floor, it can be a problem if placed on top of the furniture. If the puppy pad holder is allowed to sit diagonally for extended periods, you may notice that the urine starts to collect on one side. This can contaminate your dog’s fur and cause them to carry unpleasant odors, so addressing it by placing your puppy pad holder on an even surface is a wise decision. 

5. Consider Whether The Dog Urine May Splash On Furniture

Accidents happen — unfortunately, not even the best puppy pad holder can prevent all of them. For this reason, it’s essential to consider the worst possible disasters before they happen. If you’re encouraging your dog to urinate in a specific area by placing a puppy pad holder, you should consider if there’s anything that you wouldn’t like dog urine on nearby, such as a prized piece of furniture. Ensuring that nothing significant is placed in the “splash zone” will ultimately give you peace of mind, even if moving the furniture at first might be inconvenient. 

6. Place Your Puppy Pad Holder To Keep Odors Away

There’s no doubt that one of the worst causes of odor is animal urine. When placing a puppy pad holder in your room, you should consider whether or not you’re okay with an odor being emitted from where you choose to place the puppy pad holder. Otherwise, you may quickly find that placing the puppy pad holder beside your bed or the kitchen table is a terrible idea. Some of the best areas to place a puppy pad holder to shift the odor are in the bathroom, down the hallway, and besides a window or back door. 

The Bottom Line

Potty training a small puppy or even an adult dog is no easy task. A dog pad holder is a simple solution to ensure that accidents stay where they’re supposed to – and don’t forget to give your dog plenty of treats when they successfully go on the potty pad!

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