What you must know when buying healthy dog food

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There are many things to consider when choosing healthy dog food, so we want to give you some clear tips on going about it.

The world of healthy eating is soaring as more and more people are caring about putting the best food into their bodies. Luckily, this is now the same in the pet world. Gone are the days of giving your dog cheap kibble made from processed or unnamed ingredients. Now, there is a range of different brands that care about giving your dog the best food to get the most out of their lives. However, there are many things to consider when choosing healthy food for dogs, so we want to give you some clear tips on going about it.

Go grain-free?

The discussion around whether it is necessary to give your dog grain-free dog food is complicated. Some say that grain-free is essential, and others argue that grain is fine. In our opinion, certain grains such as oatmeal are definitely fine to be a part of your dog’s diet.

Some grains are difficult for dogs to digest as, like humans, many dogs have a gluten intolerance.

Another notable negative impact of using grain in dog food is that it is used as a filler ingredient. This means that it usually takes the place of other healthy ingredients like vegetables or nutritious meat.  You may want to choose grain-free dog food so there is more space for healthier ingredients.

Make sure it’s filled with vegetables.

Just like humans, dogs benefit from consuming nutrient-rich ingredients. Thankfully, many healthy dog foods are filled with plenty of vegetables. This means that your dog is consuming lots of vitamins and minerals whilst eating this food. Eating an abundance of vegetables is important for your dog’s immune system. An example of a vital vitamin is vitamin C. In healthy dog foods, look for vegs like potatoes, carrots, or broccoli – all containing vitamin C and improve your dog’s immune system. The advantages of protecting your dog’s immune system include combatting fatigue, preventing small illnesses, and improving digestion. So, it is obvious that dog food should contain as many vitamins as possible.

Wet or dry dog food?

This is an often-asked question when it comes to healthy dog food. There is no definite answer to which is healthier: what’s in the important food. Wet food holds more moisture, so it has hydrational benefits. But, there are plenty of dry dog food choices that are healthy and full of nutritional ingredients. As long as the meat is not processed and the food contains fruit or vegetables, then your dog will benefit from it.

Sustainable Meat

Although your dog doesn’t have to have meat in its diet, it is easy for them to get protein in their diet as dogs love to taste and smell. But why is protein so important? There are many answers to this question. Protein is in all cells, and therefore the intake of such is vital to repair cells and make new ones. It is important for the growth of muscles.

When it comes to meat in healthy dog food, it’s best to go the least processed. This is because it closer emulates the natural way that dogs would eat raw dog food. Many studies conclude that eating processed meat causes cancer. There are other benefits of eating less processed meat, like having more energy whilst maintaining a healthy weight.


We know that protein is essential for muscle growth, and therefore it is essential that your puppy has a large intake of such. Feeding your puppy a diet of high-quality meat ensures that it is getting enough protein strong up big, strong, and healthy.


We thought we’d make a simple checklist to make choosing the right food for your dog easy:

  • no lentils
  • less processed meat (look for specific meat in the ingredients list)
  • plenty of vegetables is best
  • take into account the size and age of your dog. Choose specific puppy or adult food.
  • Look out for dangerous chemicals in the ingredients list. This includes BHA, BHT ethoxyquin, propylene glycol, and sodium selenite.

If you follow these tips, your dog will likely live a long and healthy life.

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