What you need to know about showering an elderly dog

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It’s bathtime, but are you and your senior dog ready for bathing?

By Guest Blogger, Lori Longoria

One of the best things in the world is having a dog as a pet, but it is sad to see him grow old. You might even notice that he’s walking, running and all the other activities slow down. So, it means you need to make sure about the issues when you shower him. Of course, it must be exciting for you when bathing your dog, but it can be pretty hard as well. If you are not aware of their health issues, it might lead to severe problems.

Assume if your dog is down with arthritis will it be okay to shower him without proper considerations?

When your dog was a baby, it would have been very hard to shower him, so the same procedures will repeat as he grows old. As the owner, you should bear in mind not to shower an elderly dog carelessly. If you consider some essential things, you will ensure the dog’s safety. There are owners who do not know much about bathing a dog, so they don’t focus on the critical factors.  These owners must focus on the following aspects before bathing their dogs.

Things needed to bathe the dog

People have the common sense to check whether the water is cold or not.  When your dog grows old, you should treat him like a child because they are now more sensitive. When a dog grows old, it develops a different skin and coat due to their age. The skin is likely to dry out soon, so you should learn how to keep the dog hydrated as the dog owners.

You should purchase shampoo and conditioners specially designed for sensitive skin.

You should have warm towels, a comb, a cup, and a soft piece of cloth to rub the dog when showering it. All these items should be close by because you cannot leave your elderly dog in the water for too long.

The procedures of bathing the dog

You should not plunk your dog into the water because it might become anxious and afraid. Instead, you should shower your dog in steps. If you are bathing the senior dog, you should make sure to follow these tips;

  • Before you bring him to the bathroom, make sure to fill the bathtub with warm water. Ensure your dog knows that you are getting ready to shower him.
  • Fill the bathtub about halfway and then, place your dog in the tub. While bathing him, you should praise him and adore him with love. You should use the cup to wash them thoroughly and make sure to soak their coat completely.
  • After wetting the coat, you should massage it gently without hurting him. If your dog has arthritis issues, you should massage those areas gently to soothe him.  This will let him relax and make him feel comfortable. When you are massaging, you should use a soothing voice. Use the washcloth to rub the neck and face areas.
  • Next, you should take the conditioner and massage it on your dog’s coat thoroughly. Massage the sore areas if you want to make him feel great. Once you have applied the conditioner, you can rinse your dog thoroughly.
  • Taking him out of the bathtub should be done carefully. Raise your dog out of the bathtub and place him on the towel. Let him rest for some time and then brush his fur gently. Then wrap the towel around him and use another towel to dry his coat and the skin. Let him shake if he wants, so the fur gets dried further.

Please don’t change your senior dog’s routine as your dog ages.  Change makes them feel uncomfortable.

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