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People love the thought of owning dogs. However, not many know what it really means to own one. This article helps one understand the responsibilities involved.

Interested in getting a pet dog? No clue as to what owning a dog entails? Jordan Walker, the lead content curator of Coops And Cages, shares with us the key responsibilities that are tied to owning a dog.

Owning a dog is a lot like raising a child. People don’t often realize this though. They think dogs simply need to be fed, bathed and played with from time to time. It is actually more than that. Pet dogs need a lot of TLC ranging from tooth care all the way to proper obedience and house training.

Dogs need space.

You should know that getting a dog will bring about tons of changes in the household. You will need to allocate some space for the dog whether inside or outside. Regardless whether indoors or outdoors, you will also need to seek the permission of the other members of the household. After all, all of you will be in the vicinity of the dog. There’s no use keeping a dog if there’s a resident that is allergic to fur or afraid of dogs.

Dogs are expensive.

As mentioned earlier, raising a dog is tantamount to raising a child. Not only do you need to invest in its food and water, but also other things such as the following:

  • Vaccines – Ranging from around two or more per year, these need to be strictly adhered to.
  • Flea control – Dogs will never seem to stop having this problem.
  • Collars/leashes – These will require replacement every now and then due to wear and tear.

These are only some of the numerous expenses tied to owning a dog. You’ll find that several ad hoc expenses will surface during the course of your partnership with the dog.

Dogs will require your time.

Dogs are playful animals and will certainly remind you of this fact. Aside from spending time to play with them, you also need to allocate time for walking them. Dogs need their exercise and will grow bored if you keep them caged or tied up all day.

Likewise, you will also spend a lot of time training your dog. They need to be taught how to respond to basic commands and this is, in no way, a walk in the park. You will probably need to spend half an hour per day for several days just to get a few commands in.

If you or the other members of your household aren’t prepared to spend this much time, you might consider getting a dog sitter.

Dogs are available in various breeds.

When picking out a dog, you should know that there are different types. Knowing what type you need is vital to picking the correct breed. For living in apartments, for example, you’d opt for Shih Tzus and Yorkshire Terriers. If you are after spunky dogs, Labradoodles and Pointers work best. For child-friendly dogs, you’d go with Labrador Retrievers or Beagles.

There are tons of dog types out there. First determine what works best for you so you can get a dog of the corresponding breed.


You need to weigh a lot of things when getting a pet dog. It helps if you consult with the other residents of your household, as well as read up on training dogs. These will help you prepare for what’s in store for the real thing.


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Author: Jordan Walker

Jordan is the lead content curator for Coops and Cages as well as a couple of other pet related blogs. His passion for animals is only matched by his love for ‘attempting’ to play the guitar. If you would like to catch him, you can via Google+ or Twitter.

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