Which Pets Are The Best Choice For Busy Students?

It is hard to underestimate all the possible benefits of having a pet by your side as you are busy learning something, but which is the best choice?

By guest blogger, Michael Carr

It is hard to underestimate all the possible benefits of having a pet by your side as you are busy learning something, enjoying your cup of coffee in the morning, or taking a walk through the local park. The challenging part here is to make sure that your pet belongs to the easy-care category because your school will always limit your time with many written assignments and tasks that you must complete. Just imagine bathing your dog while on campus if you have never done that before, and things can quickly get confusing. Fear not, though, as you will soon work it out!

The Best Choice Pets For Busy College Students


Before someone starts with the classic “my dog ate my homework” jokes, let me tell you that you can always adopt a dog at the animal shelter which is already trained and old enough to stay calm while on campus or when you are busy trying to finish your assignments. Of course, sometimes your time will run out just when you have to walk your pet in the park, yet it will also make you more focused and disciplined. Remember that you can approach research paper writing services and let professionals handle proofreading, editing, and other writing issues to save time and avoid getting stuck as a student.


The cats are pretty independent, and they groom themselves, as you might know! Taking a walk with your cat is not necessary as well. Of course, they may walk on your desk at times, but you will get used to it! They will always find something unique to do while you are busy with your online Zoom session.


They are pretty friendly, even though they can be a bit noisy. As nocturnal creatures, hamsters are usually asleep during the daytime, but they will always make you feel happier as you clean their living space. Just remember that a hamster’s life is limited to 2-3 years, which may be a “no-no” for some people.

Guinea Pigs

Unlike hamsters, guinea pigs prefer living in pairs and require some grooming with a special diet along with a regular cleaning routine. However, if you plan on joining the best veterinary schools in the USA, it won’t be much of a problem. Guinea pigs are social animals and have a longer life span (7-8 years).


If you were around rabbits as a kid, you might remember that they need litter training and plenty of water. They are one of the friendliest animals and are excellent companions. If you keep their space clean, they are odorless. An indoor rabbit is a great idea!

Focus On the Emotional Health of Your Pet

Remember that your pet will always feel and understand your mental state, which is why it is essential to make sure that you spend time with your fluffy (or not so fluffy) friend by actually communicating with them. You should also consider emotional support animals if you have a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). As a college student, having a pet by your side will work wonders as you will work out the ways to battle stress and never feel lonely, as there will always be someone caring by your side.

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