How Do We Do It?

We’re dog-centric…so your dog is our number one priority.

Some dog owners assume that incessant barking, counter-surfing, mouthing, and misbehaving are just a normal part of the dog experience. This does not need to be the case if you have the tools to communicate with your dog.  Acme Canine’s website is structured to meet and accommodate the stresses of being a dog and coach you as the owner.

That’s not all…

Canine relationships are constantly changing. You can enrich your canine knowledge by studying Spike’s Dog Blog by Acme Canine. You can continue to gain canine experience by purchasing materials through the Woofie Shop.

As we develop our relationship, we’ll provide further opportunities to improve your relationship with your dog. By offering one-on-one training through Skype and Facetime, we can help expand your dog’s knowledge, confidence, and reliability.

We understand your dog is part of your family and an extension of yourself. We are committed to bringing the highest quality canine knowledge available. Our expert staff has over 80 years of professional canine training, behavioral therapy, and basic canine medical care. Our staff stays abreast of the latest in dog training and canine-related issues. If we don’t know the answer, we will research the solution. This involves a good deal of effort on our part, but all of this effort is worth the experience of having the best relationship with your dog.

Our Mission: To provide a safe,  healthy  environment that meets canine physical and training needs while improving the quality of life for both dogs and the owners who love them