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About Our Founder, Great Dog Trainer and Dog Blogger

Laura Pakis Davis is an experienced Certified Professional Trainer and owner/founder of Acme Canine. Having trained over 5,000 dogs and run a boarding and daycare facility for the past 13 years, Laura focuses her blog, Spike’s Dog Blog by Acme Canine, on training knowledge and the care and understanding of dogs.

A member of the Dog Writer’s Association, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Women in the Pet Industry and the International Association of Canine Professionals, Laura shares her experience through a variety of social medias and national and local magazines.  She is an industry expert to the media and assists dog trainers worldwide with improving their training techniques, people skills, and business knowledge.

Laura is proficient in many areas of pet care and training and now offering her knowledge through Patreon.

She is a certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross and PetSaver, is AKC Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine Evaluator, and AKC PuppySTAR evaluator. She is certified in breed selection, puppy development, assistance dog training, basic and advanced obedience, Police K-9 and protection training, tracking, E-touch training, and Pack to Basics.

Well known throughout the canine community for quality training, high standards, and professionalism, Laura was nominated for the Woman of the Year in the Pet Industry, the BBB’s Integrity Award and Worthington, Ohio Chamber’s Small Business Person of the Year.  Acme Canine received The Silver award for the 2014 Pet Age Boarding Facility of the year.

Laura has volunteered as a Service Dog trainer, taught puppy development through Franklin County’s prison program and Tricks for Treats at Bark Til Dark Dog Park, child/dog safety at Powell’s safety town, dog care workshops at Delaware County preservation parks, local libraries and schools. In addition Laura and her team of Acme Reading Dogs have worked with children to improve their reading comprehension and helped reduce stress among the Ohio State University students during their Reading Days.

Laura can be heard on KSCO radio in San Jose, California every Sunday at 1pm sharing her canine knowledge.  She was a guest speaker at the 2018 Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo West where she presented workshops on canine body language and performing Intake Examinations.

An animal lover at heart, Laura lives with Autumn (a rescued Boxer/Labrador mix) and her new dog, Miss Moneypenny (a Bluetick Coon Hound). Laura also has two goldfish, Flipper and Lassie, who she has trained to go through a hoop in their tank.

About Our Computer Wiz

Phil Davis has been assisting Acme Canine almost 6 years now.  He works behind the scenes creating and programming a plethora of apps to make your experience with Acme Canine, well, wonderful! Now retired, Phil was a data processing consultant for Unisys Corporation for 19 years and then an Information Technology manager for two State of Ohio agencies for 16 years. He enjoys getting back to his programming and analysis roots with Acme.

Phil is a dog lover at heart having had a dog in his life since he was a young child living in Elyria.  Currently Phil has Autumn, a boxer/lab mix, who happens to be Acme Canine’s Guest Dog Blogger.

About the Namesake of Our Dog Blog

Spike (now deceased) was a French Bulldog/Dachshund rescue.  He was trained in basic and advanced obedience, had his CGC certification and became a reading therapy dog later in life.  Spike loved everyone he met and anxiously awaited the signal to be petted if allowed.  He appeared on ONN and NBC television and in 2013 created his own blog!  Spike was a valuable member of the Acme Canine staff.  As a blog dog, Spike wrote about dog related subjects promoting dog etiquette and improving canine relationships.

Although he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2015, his tips and advice live on through his humorous blogs.

About Our Demo Dog

Miss Moneypenny (affectionately known as Penny) is a 4 year old Bluetick Coonhound.  You most likely will hear her before you see her if she is enjoying a game of chase in the yard.  She has been taught to perform advanced obedience, scentwork, retrieval, tricks and therapy work.  Penny is a member of the Acme Canine Comfort Dogs.  She also assists Laura with training client’s dogs.  She is a Guest Dog Blogger, giving her point of view on Spike’s Dog blog  when the mood strikes.

About Our Guest Dog Blogger

Autumn recently joined Acme Canine’s staff.  She was a rescue who Phil adopted in 2008.  Autumn has a personality all her own.  She is sweet to those close to her, but doesn’t have much tolerance for anyone else.  Currently in rehab to become a well mannered dog, Autumn has no problem speaking her mind.  In fact she is a pretty decent writer as well.  Hear more from Autumn on Spike’s Blog where she’ll tell it like it is from a dog’s perspective.