Why Are Dog Collars Important?

Dog collars have been around for centuries, but they have become more useful now than ever before.

By David Huner

The collar is a dog accessory that will continue to exist and remain relevant for many centuries to come. The collar for a dog has developed from a mere control accessory to a device you can use in correcting dog behaviors and even communicate with them. Dog collars and leashes have given dog owners more confidence when walking the dogs without any fear of the animal running away. The following reasons are most prominent importance of dog collars you should consider right now;

They Aid Dog Training   

One of the importance of dog collars is in dog training such as agility training. You will need a dog collar to fully guide and untrained dog through obstacles. The dog collar will help your dog master jumping over and moving around obstacles until he masters such training. If your dog suffers from a short attention span, using a dog collar with a leash will help you secure his attention. Even during dog-walking sessions, you can use your dog collar with the leash to draw its attention especially when the animal is misbehaving. When it comes to choosing a collar for dog training, you should consider the most durable ones that can withstand the consistent abuse during training.

They Assist in Behavioral Check and Correction

Gone are the days when dog collars are only needed in walking, exercising and controlling dogs on the road or when exercising. Today, modern collars work with remote control and receivers to stop dogs from excessive barking.

These collars do communicate with a receiver that transmits signals to the collars when a remote-control button push button is pressed, and they can connect even at 1000 ft of distance. With this simple technique, your dog will receive beep sounds, vibration or little shocks to stop barking. The type of sensation the dog receives will depend on the type of product.

It is important to choose dog collars that use electric sensations to stop bad behaviors, carefully. Some dogs can be allergic to mild shocks; hence you should consider collars with beep sounds and vibration for correcting dog’s behavior. Different dog collars have different adjustable levels of chocks and vibrations; hence you can personalize such settings base on your dog’s reaction.

They enhance the safety of the dog and others

Even if your dog is well-behaved, there are times the unexpected may happen even when you take him out for training or walk. For your dog’s safety and the safety of other dogs and people along the road, you should walk your dog on a collar and leash. You don’t want him to suddenly run into heavy traffic or get into a dangerous argument with other animals around. Using your dog’s collar to control their movement will help instill more discipline and protect them from hazardous situations.

There are dog collars today that come with reflective materials that glow in the dark especially when bright light from a car shine on them. Reflective dog collars are preferred especially when you walk the dog in the dark, they ensure that incoming cars don’t run into you and the dog, thus enhancing safety.

They Help Identify the Dog

Collars are not just for guiding the movement of your dog, they can also contain vital information about the dog. Identification tags on collars are important for the dog’s safety. If your dog becomes separated from you, the tag on him can help someone bring him back to you. Ideally, the tag on your dog’s collar must include the dog’s name, your address, and your phone number or the contact address and phone of your veterinarian office.

Make sure the dog wears this collar with the tag each time he leaves the house alone or with you. Some states may fine you if you claim a stray dog with no collar and identification. If your dog takes part in competitions, a collar will help identify him from the rest of the crowd. Having a personalized dog collar with tags is one of the requirements of partaking in all dog competitions.

Dog Collars Make Your Dog More Responsible

You don’t have to use dog collars all the time, there comes a time when the dog will learn to survive on his own even without such collars. A dog collar will eventually help your dog to identify trouble spots that can put his life in danger. When the dog collar is properly optimized, your dog will become more independent and even go out and return on his own without supervision.


When choosing the right dog collars, it is important to measure the girth and size of the dog’s neck and choose an adjustable collar for comfort. You should also know the different collar materials available. Most dog collars are made from nylon, leather, or metal. Some nylon and leather collars may comprise some plastic elements but the simple truth is that nylon and leather are easier to maintain than metal collars. Metal collars will eventually corrode and rust, rendering them useless after a while. You can easily wash nylon collar and dry them in a few hours, and many of these collars are water-proof, which is a desirable feature.

Aside from the material design, collars come in different options. Some do come with straps and some come in buckles. Both straps and buckles are adjustable, hence they should not be the most important features when making your final decision. The most important thing is to ensure that the collar is comfortable on the dog. To determine if a collar is comfortable on the dog, simply try to insert two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. If your fingers can enter without stress, then the collar is not too tight nor too loose. If only 1 finger enters through, it means the collar is a little extra tight and may need adjustment. The budget factor should be your last consideration when choosing the right dog collar.

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