Why board at Acme Canine Resource Center?

From Acme Canine Resource Center

Winter doldrums got you and Fido down? Dreaming of warmer days when the sun is shining? If your thoughts have wandered toward planning your vacation, there’s no better time to plan your dog’s vacation than now!  And booking a stay at Columbus’s favorite boarding center is just the thing to beat those winter blues!

At Acme Canine Resource Center, we enjoy having our training graduates come back and visit us while you’re out of town. We work hard to ensure your dog is well cared for, is given lots of love, is exercised, and enjoys his stay at his “home-away-from-home.” From the time your dog arrives and is greeted by our enthusiastic staff until the moment he leaves, he is our number one focus and will receive the best we can provide.  (read more)

At Acme, we include the following services in our daily boarding fee:

1. Personalized care from our experienced staff that includes loving attention, following your dog’s feeding schedule with his normal food, and, if necessary, administering prescribed medications

2. A clean, peaceful space for resting, with your dog’s own familiar bedding and toys

3. Individual walks around the block during which we will enforce training goals: not pulling on the leash, no barking, and waiting at the door

4. Use of our large, fenced-in, grassy outdoor space to run and play while supervised

5. Outside potty breaks to eliminate and stretch your dog’s legs every 3 to 4 hours between 6 am and 10 pm

6. Either group or individual playtime in the yard or the facility—depending on which is best-suited for your dog

7. E-mails and/or photos of your dog while staying with us to share his fun times with you

We also offer additional services while boarding with Acme. These include our training refresher option, to maintain your dog’s skill set, as well as baths, nail trims, and an open-boarding option. These services are explained in more detail on Spike’s Blog.