Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

So, who is better to choose: a cat or a dog? There is no single answer; both of these animals have many advantages.

The most important thing is that both a cat and a dog, with proper upbringing, can become real friends for a person who loves him against all the odds.

Pros And Cons Of Having A Dog

 Advantages Of Having A Dog

  • Dogs are faithful animals. Having established a friendly relationship with the puppy, the owner can be sure that until the very end, the animal will be a true friend. It is not easy to find another creature that is so selflessly and sincerely attached to a man.
  • Dog walking is the first charge for the owner. Yes, it is necessary to get up and go outside in the heat and the cold. However, daily walks in the fresh air benefit the owner, or rather his heart and blood vessels, respiratory organs, brain.
  • Dogs are not only watchmen but also guards. With them, it is not so scary to go out late at night for bread. You will not allow yourself such a thing with a cat.
  • Well-trained dogs are good nannies for children. They are happy to play with the kids without showing aggression. Playing with cats for a long time is annoying for them. Before letting any pets to children, read more about the behavior at The Pets of your breed and consider them.
  • Dogs are hard workers. They can be rescuers, shepherds, hunters (more precisely, assistants to hunters), guide dogs, even geologists. Besides, dogs are good doctors. They help fight depression and loneliness, positively affect the condition of people with autism.
  • A dog can accompany its owner on travel, on foot, or motor tours around the city. Let’s say a dog can be taken out into the countryside, but a cat will simply run away.

Although dogs have a lot of significant advantages, these animals are not without their drawbacks. Here are some of them.

Drawbacks Of Having A Dog

  • Caring for a dog is energy-intensive. Have you ever imagined daily washing paws after a walk or the need for regular grooming? And if the pet also has long hair, then it is worth mentioning about frequent combing. At the same time, unfortunately, not all dogs are cleanest, so you as the owner may have to wipe his pet’s eyes daily or wipe off his face after eating.
  • Some dogs literally must not be let loose from the leash, as they can run away. Besides, a rambling pet can chase a neighbor’s cat or fall under the wheels of a car.
  • A dog requires much more interaction than the cat. The owner will inevitably have to spend precious minutes on walking, training, and playing with a dog.
  • Many of the small breed dogs, regardless of the training, have complicated personalities and do not tolerate when the owner has other pets beside themselves (and even children).
  • There is more fuss from the dog. Unlike cats, these animals are more active and restless. They are unlikely to be able to stay in the same room; most likely, the whole house will be at their disposal.
  • There is a lot of mess from a dog if she lives in an apartment. According to tips, the owner should be prepared that the pet can get ahold of shoes, remote control from the TV, curtains, a carpet, and other things from idleness.
  • A dog, if not well-mannered, can put its owner in an awkward position by having an accident in the wrong place (for example, in the entrance) or barking, or even biting a neighbor.

Conclusion: the dog is suitable for people who have a good amount of free time as well as for the patient and active owners.  A person should thoroughly think about what is involved in the care and maintenance of a dog before buying a four-legged pet.

How To Start

Any animal is not a toy, so you have to realize all possible responsibilities.

  • It would be best if you walked with your dog daily, in any weather, holiday, vacation, and, preferably, at a scheduled time of day.
  • It is necessary to continually monitor the state of health, be sure to do annual vaccinations, systematically treat the animal for parasites, monitor hygiene, dog nutrition, etc.;
  • You should be prepared for high financial costs. Seeing veterinarians, buying food (which must be high quality), treatment against parasites, toys, and delicacies, and much more is quite expensive;
  • The pet needs to be brought up to be well mannered, and that takes time. It would be best if you were sure that even in the outdoors your dog would behave the way you allow and not otherwise.  No one likes if your puppy starts jumping on them.
  • You have to be patient and calm, but at the same time demanding. You can not apply brute force to an animal!

Where To Obtain My First Dog?

From the kennel

This is the best path to choose, a time-tested place. You will receive a puppy with the necessary vaccinations, a package of documents, comprehensive advice from the breeder (most kennels even guarantee a lifetime consultation for their offspring). You will have a guarantee of the animal’s mental and physical health, which is the basis for the successful upbringing of a pet.

From the shelter

This way is 100% good option; dogs from the shelter also have the necessary vaccinations and even documents. But, first, you may not know what difficulties the dog has faced in the shelter, how it has affected his mental and physical condition. So be prepared for possible problems: education, socialization, close monitoring of health, a lot of ​​patience. And the result of your efforts will be a loyal friend who will love you the most in the world.

 Off the street

Should you find a dog abandoned and after you have checked with shelters and in the neighborhood, you need to check the health of the animal first, find its approximate age, and make all the necessary vaccinations and documents. And after that – to teach the dog to live in a new way. If you take a puppy, it will be more comfortable. If an adult dog – more difficult. You have to be prepared for the animal’s deviant behavior, distrust of the whole world, and sometimes even aggression (which is the result of fear). But if you have made such a decision – take responsibility. Dogs from the street need maximum attention, patience, and love from their owners. If you act correctly and selflessly – you will succeed!

Training The Behavior

It would be best if you were the perfect teacher for your four-legged pet. Consider using training videos or books, sign up for group classes or one on one training with a professional dog trainer – choose the most effective way to gain the necessary knowledge. Time, patience, and balance are the basis of a successful life with a dog.

Dogs need upbringing, socialization, development of mental and physical abilities. According to the guide, you need to teach your dog the basic commands from an early age. Not just for training, but also to occupy the dog’s brain with something interesting. Start training your pet with simple controls. The more time you dedicate to teach your pet to be disciplined, the easier it will be for you. It will not only be trained but respect you and see you as the owner. And remember, it is important to praise your pet for the progress it is making.

Also, allow your puppy to meet and play with other dogs and people.  From birth to 16 weeks is a crucial stage of socialization. Just remember to ask before letting your dog go to a stranger or another dog. This is needed to avoid unpleasant situations.

There are many more aspects of raising your four-legged friend, but they depend on nature, specifics of your chosen breed, the environment. With basic knowledge, you will be able to avoid many difficulties.

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