Why Every Writer Should Have a Dog?

The profession of a writer requires constant patience and concentration on work. Having a dog could be an excellent way to have rest during work.

By Guest Blogger, Wanda Lafond

The profession of a writer requires constant patience and concentration on work. Writers can sit all day long with no rest and interruptions being entirely focused on specific tasks. Also, these specialists are commonly under stress because of deadlines, the absence of inspiration, art crisis, etc. Thus, they need to find efficient ways to relax and free their minds.

Having a dog could be an excellent way to have rest during work. As we all know, dogs are the best friends of people, better than other people for sure. If you treat your pet well, it will love you forever, being a faithful and tamed dog. However, having a dog entails a huge responsibility to its life and well-being. It needs to be fed on time. It needs to go for a walk several times a day. It needs to be trained and to be loved. You can’t get tired of your dog and kick it away.

If you are a writer and still hesitate whether you need a dog or not, we would like to prove that having a dog will be one of the best decisions in your life.

You become more active

Want it or not, you will have to get up and take your dog for a walk if you care about its needs and the cleanliness of your house. The dog has to be walked by a certain schedule, commonly 2-3 times a day, starting early morning. As writers tend to sit all day round, they will have no choice but walk for 20-30 minutes a few times every day. Everyday walking has a tremendous positive impact on physical and mental health as you can easily lose several pounds and forget about your work for a while.

The dog is a faithful friend

Everybody in the world wants to feel that they are loved and needed. Often writers spend time just writing their texts with no free time for friends’ meetings, messages, or calls. There is a considerable risk of losing all friends and being alone around the clock. However, walking with a dog allows you to meet friends during this stroll. The dog will be your faithful friend for the rest of your day, always being near, ready to listen to you, and support you, even if it sounds a little bit weird.

Make new connections with other dog owners

Dow owners created their communities – they have common interests, similar walking timetables, common topics to talk about, willing to visit thematic events, and so on. Making connections with other people walking with their dogs is so easy as usually, dogs do this instead of owners. Everything starts from a discussion of dogs, and then the conversation can lead to collaborative walking, meeting for a cup of coffee or glass of wine, and other activities that friends do. Who knows, maybe such friendship can grow into something more.

Your dog will never criticize your work

Many writers suffer from plenty of criticism to their texts, sometimes really factless that can hurt writers’ feelings. Getting criticized too often can lead to a lack of inspiration, constant stress, and even deep depression that a psychologist has to treat. The dog will never let you down or criticize your art as it is always near to support you, to listen to your text as long as you want. The dog can also become an excellent push for motivation to develop your skills and continue writing despite any comments from critics.

Your dog may become the character of a new novel

When you are not feeling inspired and cannot imagine what your next novel will be about, think of describing the story of your dog, meaning why you decided to have a dog and what became decisive, why you chose this kind of dog, how you were building your relationships and so on. There is no need to create something imaginary or fantastic as people love reading true-based stories about real friendship and loving relationships. Readers don’t like fiction as they want to read about life experiences which can be helpful and give valuable lessons for them for the future.

Dogs can help improve relationships with your close people

According to the research of custom writing service Writing Judge, dogs can help mend fences with your friends, relatives, and soulmate. Dogs feel the misunderstanding in human relationships and do everything they can to reconnect people somehow. Of course, it is much easier to do if these people live in the same house. However, even if it is not so, dogs can lead you to the home of the person you quarreled with while walking. It may sound funny, but such cases exist, and dogs are much more clever than people think.

To take everything into account

What can be more exciting than a day when you decide to have a dog? As the saying goes, money can’t buy us happiness, well, this is exactly when you can buy a real faithful friend promising that you will care for it well. Having a dog is a very responsible step in life that can equal having a baby. You need to dedicate time for walking, feeding, treating, grooming, playing, and so on. You cannot forget about your new friend. You should always be near and care about your dog as much as it requires. Then, you will receive this love and treat back when your dog understands how much you love it.

As for writers, the dog is a great reminder to make pauses and rest so as not to get burnout and depression. However, as the writing service reviews Best Writers Online claims, the dog can be an interrupter and a comprehensive source of inspiration and support that lonely writers need so much.

about the author

Wanda Lafond is a professional content writer, copywriter, content strategist, and communications consultant. She started young with her writing career as a high school writer to a university editor. Now she is a writer in professional writing platforms— her years of expertise have honed her skills to create compelling and results-driven content every single time.

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