Why Train your Dog with Acme Canine?

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Blogger,

If you are like many of the Columbus dog owners we talk to, you have already gone through dog training programs with your dog and still need assistance with getting your dog to listen, or to stop some unwanted behaviors.

It is extremely rare to find a dog training company who has such a high success rate with training dogs.   So why can we do this and other training companies can’t?

We are not just dog trainers. 

We understand the way dogs think, and we teach your dog to be well mannered in a way that works according to how dogs understand the world around them.  We also teach you everything you need to know about why your dogs do certain things, and how you can effectively make sure they understand what you want from them.

Doing this helps us not only teach commands, but also resolve behavior problems at the root causes.

Training methods.

Most methods of teaching commands have huge limitations in achieving reliability.  For example, training a dog with food or treats is a great way of teaching a dog what command WORDS mean.  But getting reliability around distractions, or when you don’t have a treat handy, or when there are things going on that are more interesting than a treat, or resolving behaviors like jumping and pulling on the leash… Training with food isn’t practical for those situations.  Most training methods have the same limitations – inability to resolve unwanted behaviors quickly, teach commands quickly and get reliability around distractions, and when your dog is not on a leash (in the house, or outside).

We teach your dog AND YOU.

You need to know how to maintain the training, so we teach you everything you need to know during your lessons and ongoing support.

There is no such thing as a dog who can’t be trained.  We had worked with thousands of families when we realized that our training methods WORKED every time, with every dog, no matter their breed, age, or behavior problem.

Our experience.

In addition to knowing that all dogs can be trained (even yours!), we have been training dogs for many years.  We have used every training method out there, and we know what works and what doesn’t work reliably.  We are also certified as dog trainers.

We like people too!

We are family friendly, fun, flexible, and easy to get along with!  We also have extensive human-teaching experience (including a former school teacher).  But most of all, we enjoy helping people have happier lives.

This is all we do.

We are not part-time dog trainers.  This part of our everyday life, all day every day.  In addition to that, many dog training facilities do training as an “additional service”.  Their primary business might be boarding or grooming, but they have a training program or class in addition.  In that situation, it is very difficult to give a training program the attention it needs to make sure it works properly for every family.

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