Why won’t my dog let me trim his nails?

Many dogs suffer from a generalized fear of dominant handling and restraint which in turn causes them not to want you to trim their nails

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Blogger

Many dogs suffer from a generalized fear of dominant handling (handling the toes) and restraint (the headlock). In some cases the dog has experienced heavy discipline, excessive restraint, or medication in order to accomplish the task. This can compound the problem.

Although this scenario is very typical and quite common, we have good news. Nail trims absolutely do not have to be this way! You can teach your dog to tolerate and even enjoy having his nails trimmed.  With positive reinforcement and calm determination you can help your dog learn to accept a nail trim while maintaining relaxed and at ease.

All it takes is some patience and baby steps.  Handling your dog’s paws is just one step.  It is important to hold on to his paw for extended periods of time while praising him.  This teaching your dog that restraint is not a bad thing.

So why all the fuss over trimming a dog’s nails?

Here 10 good reasons:

10  they won’t click when walking

9    they won’t snag the carpet

8    they won’t crack or split

   they won’t cause difficulty with walking

6   they won’t cause strain on your dog’s legs

5   they won’t interfere with your dog’s gait

4   trimming your dog’s nail can be a perfect time to bond

3   they won’t curl around the paw and puncture the footpad

2   they won’t deform your dog’s feet

1    you can learn from the wear of the nails how your dog is walking to intercept possible injuries

Acme Canine has helped many dogs overcome their fear of nail trims through use of a few basic obedience commands. We’d be happy to assist you as well.

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