Windows for dogs great addition for kennel

Throughout July and August Acme Canine tested PetPeek, a window insert for fences at our Lewis Center training center.  The PetPeek is described as a durable, clear, hard acrylic dome 9.5 inches in diameter, with a black trim-ring.  The company states it is an easy do-it-yourself installation into your wooden or vinyl fence and is an attractive addition to your fence.

Here’s what we found.  We first thought of adding this window to our outdoor picket fence but decided not to since the hole needed to install the window would compromise the integrity of the fence.  Our next choice was to install it in our solid half wall which separates the main room from our training area.  We decided to install it about 15 inches above the floor. The window was very easy to install, but due to the thickness of the wall, we did have to add more washers than provided in the assembly packet.

Three dogs were staying with us on the weekend so we worked on introducing them to the window.  At first we tried treats to encourage the dogs to put their heads in the window. What seemed to work better was to go on the other side and tap on the window.  Two of the three picked up right away with using the window as a portal to the main area.  These were smaller breeds with a natural curiosity.  The medium size dog at first would jump on the 1/2 wall when we tapped on the glass but soon was looking through the portal.

Over the month we have taught 21 dogs to use the portal.  Usually it takes two or three attempts before the dog picks up on using this.  Smaller dogs seem to enjoy it more (maybe due to the height of this portal or that they normally don’t jump on the wall to “see” someone).

Although PetPeek is not suitable for every fence, we highly recommend the PetPeek for curious dogs.  We are planning to add two more at different levels to reduce dogs from jumping up on the wall as well as give them the opportunity to see who is coming in the building.