Your Dog Can Send Holiday Cheer To Humans With Severe Illness!

Who Better To Bring Joy & Cheer During the Holidays & Every Day Than Your Pup?

By Guest Blogger Angelica Dempsey, Chronic Illness Warrior, and Chronic Warrior Collective Ambassador

We all know how much unconditional love and joy they bring as dog lovers! We can look forward to pure excitement when they welcome us home, even if we’ve only been gone for a few minutes. They become our closest companions when we’re sad or not feeling well and are always there to bring comfort and cheer. But did you know that dogs can be life-changing to those with chronic and severe illnesses? Whether training for service or a beloved pet, the unconditional love they show for those who will not get well, are bedbound and are isolated is invaluable.

Colby, My Best Furry Friend

As a chronic illness warrior, my non-registered emotional support dog Colby has seen me through many rough days. Although Colby is not a service dog, many days and nights, I will wake up to find him lying down on my rug right next to my bed, jumping up on my bed or snuggling up beside me, and giving me his little toy to cheer me up. When I unintentionally ignore him, he barks nonstop to get my attention. This usually ends when I stop what I’m doing and give him a good rub on his tummy, but of course, no good belly rub is complete without a few licks – Thank You Kisses, as I like to call them!

Colby is amazing, and I will never be able to give him as much as he’s given me. He is truly a gift and my best furry friend! He makes me happy, and he makes me laugh.

How Our Fur Babies Care For Us                                                               

A few Chronic Warrior Collective members want to share what their canine friends mean to them in their own words:

“Artie always knows how to bring me cheer with her loving personality, but I most appreciate when she brings me her favorite toy as to say, ‘here Mom, this will help.'” – Hannah L.

“My babies give me a reason to get up every day. They keep me going and give me a purpose in life. I am responsible for them, and their love rewards me tenfold.” – Katrina W.

“Adagio gives me literally everything. He’s become my physical therapist, psychiatrist, and best friend. He knows my deepest secrets and still chooses me daily. He’s hope.” – Carmi R.

“Jenny would jump in Eryn’s bed and lay her head on Eryn’s tummy or her pillow next to her. Eryn loved to rub Jenny’s soft ears. Jenny is a big lug but was always so incredibly gentle with Eryn. It was like she just instinctively knew that Eryn was fragile.” – Sherrie B. (mom of Eryn who got her Angel Wings in 2019)

“For me, my dogs have always given me a sense of calm and comfort. When I am around them, they automatically lift my mood, and when I’m not feeling well, they always seem to know and like to stick a little closer to me. Just having that mood booster usually helps me feel a little better!” – Heather C.


This past year, many people have experienced how isolating illness can be and have found even more comfort in their precious canine companions. Wouldn’t your dog love to send a card to someone who is ill and feeling lonely to brighten their day? Join us now and spread some Holiday Cheer around the world!

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