Your interior design if you are a dog owner

How do you equip an interior with pets without saying goodbye to stylish design?

By Guest Blogger, Evelina Brown

When a four-legged friend appears in the house, life becomes much richer and funnier. But you need to understand that in addition to the joy of communicating with your dog, the owner will receive many minor troubles, such as claw or teeth marks on furniture, stained walls, or torn wallpaper. What to do? Say goodbye to stylish design? Let’s try to figure out whether it is possible to maintain cleanliness and order in the house, and at the same time, create comfortable conditions for the animal.

Practical wall and floor decoration

How can you make cleaning easier?

Walls and floors are most often affected by the activity of pets. Therefore, the choice of materials for finishing these surfaces must be taken very carefully. You need to choose them so that the pet is comfortable and cleaning the house does not turn into hard labor.

Ceramic floor tiles or porcelain stoneware are always a win-win option. Porcelain stoneware is easy to clean and also looks quite interesting. There is also a moisture-proof parquet board, laminate, but it is already more difficult to take care of them. And you need to take into account the color of the dog: on a dark parquet or carpet, light wool will be very noticeable.

But for walls, the most practical solution is decorative plaster or paintable walls. As a rule, animals do not show interest in such coatings, which means they will last much longer than, for example, wallpaper.

Door protection

Features of the choice of interior doors

Cats hate closed doors and constantly scratch them, trying to open them. And dogs, too, often have this feature. Therefore, to protect the door from scratches, you can make a special hole for the animal in it.

Of course, this option is only suitable for small pets, but you will have to choose another solution for a large dog. For example, purchase special stoppers – mechanical stops that hold the door open.

If you plan to replace the door with a new one, it is best to choose a laminated or plastic door. Such models are much more reliable to cope with claws and teeth than wooden ones.

Vandal-proof upholstered furniture

Signs of quality furniture

When adjusting your interior to your pet, you need to understand that its fur will be everywhere, including the most beloved sofa. To keep your interior intact, buy a special cover. This accessory will help protect your furniture from various stains, wool, or puffs.

Another option is to purchase special furniture with an anti-vandal coating. The upholstery of such furniture is made of dense fabrics, for example, flock or chenille, which have increased wear resistance and do not require complex maintenance. To find furniture with the chenille or flock upholstery, you can go to Nationwide Furniture Outlet.

Organization of a place for a pet

A four-legged friend must have his place. And if it is difficult to do such manipulations with a cat, since these animals sleep everywhere, then a dog, on the contrary, loves when it has its own separate space. First of all, you should understand that your dog’s personal territory should remain personal. Of course, the size of this area depends on the breed of your pet, but even the smallest dog like Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier needs its own place in the apartment.

Many dogs do not like sleeping in houses that you can find at any pet store; for such people, I propose to build a sleeping place from available tools: for example, baskets with a soft pillow and a blanket. Based on personal experience, I note that all dogs like this place. However, if your friend is medium to large in size, you will have to look for the right-sized basket. What is the plus of this option? All baskets are made of wood, which makes it possible to decorate them for any interior. Furthermore, they do not accumulate dust in themselves, like the same soft houses, and the bedspread can always be changed not only for cleaning but also to change the color accent in the interior.

You can make a special couch to order or buy a ready-made one in the store. Moreover, the pet goods market is constantly expanding its assortment. So now you can choose a model that will suit your pet’s taste and perfectly fit into the interior.

Consider a feeding place.

When choosing a place to feed your pet, you need to consider several important points:

  • the feeding area should not interfere with the passage;
  • to get rid of stains and splashes, you need to lay a rubber mat under the bowls;
  • the feeding area must be located at a comfortable level for the animal.

Special boxes with built-in bowls for feeding are also popular. This accessory looks very stylish and makes cleaning easy. Plus, this drawer also fits your friend’s other belongings, such as clothes, toys, or leashes.

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